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St Mary's RC Church Wedding

Nothing is more memorable than truth beautifully told!


Your wedding is one of the most precious and happiest days of your life. You invest a lot of time and money into your wedding day. You have spent months, possibly years planning for this day. When the flowers have wilted, the champagne has been drunk and the cake eaten, all you have is your photographs to look back on. Therefore, choosing your wedding photographer could be considered one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your special day.

Your photographs will be with you forever, passed down through the generations. You will want to adore them, share them and display them in your home or online.

When you book me to photograph your wedding, you know that your photography will be fun, natural, honest and beautiful. You will enjoy the experience of having me as your wedding photographer. My style is as natural and as unobtrusive as possible. I will invite family and friends to join you for a selection of photos and will also request a little time with just the two of you. The rest of my time as your wedding photographer, is spent discretely capturing all the details, expressions and precious moments as they unfold, naturally throughout the day.

Every set of photographs I produce is unique, because photographs are about people and emotions - not about working to a formula - and every wedding I photograph involves different people and their different emotions. Your pictures will reflect you - your style, your family and your friends. My job is to capture that and I do so by combining two different types of photography.



Capturing people, moments and events as they happen lies at the heart of this type of photography. It is also known as reportage wedding photography, candid wedding photography or documentary wedding photography. There isn't really any difference between the three names, apart from, perhaps, what the bridal magazines see as the fashionable way to describe natural, story telling wedding photography.

With this type of photography, the photographer is a story teller, telling the story of the day through pictures. The photographer will not interfere with events but gets amongst the action and captures it as it happens. They aim to capture natural imagery and consider every moment important. This type of photography is unobtrusive, a world away from the bossy wedding photographer of the past. The great photojournalistic photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson used the phrase "The decisive moment" to describe this type of photography. This type of photography requires a skill of being in the right place at the right time and knowing when to take the shot.

Documentary wedding photography is all about capturing the moment and I strive to capture the emotions and energy of the day through the still image. My aim with my reportage wedding photography is to create wedding imagery that not only tell the story of your day, but are also a tangible reminder of the emotions, feelings and details of your very special wedding day. This is clearly evident in the image at the top of this page. The couple had just exited the church about to leave for the reception venue, they decended the steps with the pageboys helping with the dress. The chaufers had poured and served the glasses of champagne and just before they began to drink, a joke was shared. This type of image happens in a moment and can not be recreated, it clearly shows the pure joy and happiness on everyones faces. As well as the obvious emotion on the brides face the pageboys helping with the dress really makes this photograph for me. Turning the image to black and white, removes the distraction of the colour and makes you focus on the emotions and feelings.

Bridesmaids in Church

The image here was taken right in the middle of the ceremony. These two bridesmaids were obviously bored of sitting still and shared a quiet moment togeether. I had been watching these two out of the corner of my eye and I could tell that they were getting bored, it was just a case of what they would do and when. I saw them turn to face each other and start whispering. I took the photo as soon as their heads touched. This is one of those moments that happens in a flash, I had to react from where I was standing, I could not move, I could not alter the pose, lighting or position. I had no involvement with setting the scene, I just recorded it, which is the true element of photojournalism.

Bridal Preparation Photography

This photograph was taken in the morning during the bridal preparations. The bride had had her hair and make up done and it was the turn of her sister. While her sister was having her hair done, the bride took five minutes to chillout and chat to her sister. I love this photograph for a few different reasons. It really shows the excitement of the day on everyones faces. If you look more closely you can see the photographs on the side unit, of a graduation day. Before the wedding day, this would have been their most important day. I saw the connection between important dates before I took the photograph and for me it really tells a story. Finally, I love the clock included as it gives a subtle reminder of time ticking by, combining this with the graduation photographs and the clock being a record of when events were taking place, the wedding story starts to come to life. Turning the image black and white adds that extra timeless factor that makes time stand still.

Hug from Grandad

The little girl in this picture lives in France with her family and here I managed to capture her giving Grandad a hug. At this moment the bride was getting into her dress and I was waiting to be called to photograph the closing of the dress. The brides father was sat on the couch and his grandaughter walked over to him and gave him a great big hug. There was a lovely big window to my right bathing the pair in lovely soft lighting. I love the fact that we can see grandads eye just above the little girls shoulder and although we can only see a portion of the eye you can see the emotion and love he has for his grandaughter. I also love the image of the little jack russell on the cushion behind them, seemingly looking back at the camera. The bride has a little jack russell dog who came with us when we did the engagement shoot. Although her dog wasn't with us on the morning of the wedding the cushion acts as a reminder of her, almost inlcuding her in the wedding.


This is the type of photography that most people will associate with traditional wedding photographers. The photographer is an organising presence, producing well structured posed shots of groups and individuals. The photographer controls what happens in front of them down to the finest details, instructing the subject in how and where to stand, the type of expression they should adopt etc.

Although there is some disruption to the flow of the day, this remains popular, especially with parents and relatives who like to see the family groups. Although the majority of the photographs I take are documentary I do include some classic wedding photography images. These will typically be a collection of groups and some of you as a newly married couple.

The following are some expamples of the classic style of photography:

Photo of the groomsmen

Photo of the groomsmen

Photo of the Bride and Bridesmaids

Sunset photograph at Mere Court Hotel

Photo by a bus